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Own Your Life (45 Second Presentation) Over 10 Million in Circulation

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“When you subtract the amount of hours you sleep, work, and commute, you probably don’t have more than one or two hours a day to do what you would like to do-and that’s if you have the money to do it”. Don Failla has been teaching his simple network marketing method which allows anyone to learn how to own his or her life by building a home-based business. It doesn’t require selling, and the best part is, it won’t take much of your time. The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life is a virtual training manual on network marketing, designed to teach you a step-by-step plan for building a profitable, sustainable network marketing business. Network marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of independent distributors. This guide not only unlocks the secrets of successful network marketing, but it provides the method to sponsor people in your organization using Failla’s “45-Second Presentation.” With nearly four decades’ worth of instructions and insights from Failla, The 45-Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life provides you with the essentials for building and maintaining your lucrative home business.

Newly added is a chapter dedicated to cold market prospecting. Many find their warm market shrinking, and Don & Nancy explain how you can build an endless warm market using their cold market techniques. The purpose of this book is to teach a person how to instruct others about building their home-based business in a training that will be ten minutes or less. It is interesting to note that once one learns “The System” there is not much they need to know to make it work. Once you have read this book you will understand why anyone who really wants something can build a business in Network Marketing. Don & Nancy’s system has built their organization of over 1,100,000 and growing WITH OVER 800 PLUS added daily; and it can help you do the same. Not only will you learn Don & Nancy’s proven system but you will read about some of their secrets to building their business including: using your up-line, investing in your business, long-distance support, creating national sizzle sessions and much more.

This OUTSTANDING book by Nancy Failla is a must for all women who want to be independent and financially secure. A great motivational book for new and seasoned distributors. Not only for women but also for men who enjoy working with women. Nancy Failla and her husband, Don, have been active in network marketing for over 40 years. They have been married for 45 years and have two sons and five grandchildren. Together they have created a complete line of network training tools. They have been training in network marketing since 1981. * Currently the CEO of fun. (Choose and Exciting Opportunity) * Nancy is a network marketing trainer and motivational speaker. * Retired sales manager and vice president of a national corporation. * Winner of numerous speaking awards. * Extensive radio and TV experience. * Nancy is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism in Radio and TV. Nancy will teach you how to use the 45 Second Presentation in order to build your home-based business the fastest way possible. Most important of all, she will teach you how to have fun building your business.


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