LifeSpring QRC Card


Quantum Rescenace Card
Harmonise your water, food and bewerage. Realign your body’s chakra and energy flow as well as promotes grounding. Flushes out the positive ions generated by manmade radiation frequencies. Best paired with Lifespring Pendant.

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Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

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Quantum Rescenace Card
simply use the card to harmonise your water, food and beverage for grounded frequency. You will experience a quantum taste as QRC complements your body’s biofield and brings forward the natural potency and vitality of your food and beverage.

The LIFESPRING CARD Improves blood circulation

Improves stamina, endurance & strength

Alleviates soreness, aches & pains, and improves flexibility blood cells & may reduce “stickiness/ velcro effect”

Calms the mind & improves focus

Strengthens the body’s bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves

Restores balance & harmony to the body

○ More Energy, Boosted Vitality & Better Health Improves Circulation, Neutralizes Harmful Energies, Strengthens Your Body’s Bio-Energy & Increases your Energy Levels

○ Made in U.S.A. using a highly-advanced Quantum process.

○ The LIFESPRING CARD is tested to over 92% QRC (Far Infrared) emit more than 2,500 Negative Ion radiate Scalar Energy be free of harmful heavy metals. Most importantly, unlike some pendants that effects lack concrete proof, the benefits of the LIFESPRING CARD on the body is being TESTED & CERTIFIED in Europe.


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Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)

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Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

Sold By : arena247shopsVendor Profile:View My Profile Categories: , , , , Tags: , ,

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