Luxury Hand Made Belgian Pralines 300g


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Leonidas Belgian pralines gives you top quality chocolates for an affordable price, allowing you to give moments of chocolate bliss to those you care about. A birthday party, a meal with friends, a romantic evening or just a thank you. Leonidas is there to help mark your special occasions with family, friends and colleagues. Still, chocolates are not only for important occasions. There are times when you “just” want to make someone happy by showing them you care. From the beginning, Leonidas Kestekides and his nephew Basilio wanted Leonidas chocolates to be accessible to everyone. Chocolates are a luxury product that everyone should be able to enjoy, a kind of fundamental right.

Would you like to discover Leonidas chocolate bliss? Amazing gift or just to enjoy the special moments!


Made without palm oil

Our Master Chocolatiers are obsessed with quality. They will only accept pure cocoa butter. That is why you won’t find a single drop of palm oil in our chocolate.

100% pure cocoa butter

Leonidas wants you to enjoy moments of pure bliss. That is why our Master Chocolatiers only use chocolate made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Belgian since 1913

Leonidas chocolates are designed in Belgium. Our Master Chocolatiers use only the finest ingredients, handling them with loving care and with a respect for tradition.

Quality durable
Certified cocoa

Leonidas chooses certified cocoa to produce its pralines. When your aim is to create moments of happiness for everyone, what’s more normal than caring about nature and humankind?


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