“NEW BRUM1” Artist Colin Gabbidon. Signed Canvas Prints Limited Edition of 25


NEW BRUM1′ this scene is of Selfridges city of Birmingham under construction.
Size 13″ x 38″

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NEW BRUM1′ this scene is of Selfridges city of Birmingham under construction.I also wanted to express this dominant skyline view.
Size 13″ x 38″
I also wanted to express this dominant skyline view.
Colin Gabbidon is a self taught visual fine Artist living and based in Birmingham UK.

Born In Kingston Jamaica, he moved to the UK as a young boy in the early 60s and attended primary and senior school.
Growing up in Birmingham his talent and ability as an Artist was clear to see, and in the years that followed there became a demand for his Artwork both locally in Birmingham, nationally and internationally.

“As a young kid growing up I remember seeing some one doing a pencil sketch of a person sitting in a chair, when he had finished it I was so amazed, looking at the drawing it was as if that person could actually get up out of the chair and walk, the drawing created so much life like movement, so that’s when I became inspired to do the same.”

His popularity created a demand for his Artwork in the form of portraiture and published Art. He has also given is services as an Artist to UKs westmidlands police department.

Playing live music is another love he is very passionate about, so if he is not applying paint to canvas with his brushes, he is on the road touring with his band as a drummer.

Colin has had a number of Art exhibition over the years which ultimately has led to him having his own artwork published as signed limited edition prints.

‘If it moves….I’m gonna do it’ is a phrase you will sometimes hear Colin say, meaning if it catches is eye and it is of interest, he will apply his ability to create a piece of Art from it.

Colin’s proffered medium is Oil on canvas, pencil, Pastels and water colours.

“As a young boy I’ve always love the idea of making and creating things, Art is an extension of that.”

Colin Gabbidon (Visual Artist)


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