Warm Mulled Organic Christmas Cider


Quantumised Organic Mulled Cider from the Finnish Archipelago

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The warm mulled Christmas cider is made entirely by hand from apples grown organically in the Finnish archipelago. Finland’s bright summer nights give the fruits their own sweet aroma, which is not found anywhere else. The cider is not carbonated.

No sugar or any additives have been used in the production of cider. All sweetness comes from fruit sugar in apples and Christmas spices.

Cider is based on our dry apple cider, with 30 different Christmas spices added during the brewing phase. Quantumisation has happened before the bottling.

Cider is perfect for a socializing drink on cool autumn – and winter evenings instead of mulled wine. Cider has no acid and is naturally a little cloudy. The Christmas cider is enjoyed warm. If desired, you can add dark syrup and season the cider with orange peel and raisins. Cider is a seasonal product and is sold around Christmas.

The warm Christmas cider remains good unopened in a cool place until the last day of use. Once opened, close cork carefully and the cider stays good in the refrigerator for a week.

Ingredients: water, apple juice, Christmas spices, yeast. No added sulphages or flavourings. Contains cardamum, orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and other Christmas spices.

Alcohol content 5.5%
Glass bottle 0,75l


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Sold By : Arena24sevenVendor Profile:View My Profile Categories: ,

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