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I have had chronic pain in my knees and I am awaiting 2 knee replacements. Walking has been difficult due to the pain. I was very sceptical as I have used many topical creams which have done nothing. I applied the lotion to both my knees morning time which and suddenly realised my pain had eased. When I used at night I finally had a pain free sleep. I forgot to use one night and ended up getting up to apply. I dont know what makes this a miracle lotion but it works. Even my hubby who is always very skeptical. Used on his back pain as his muscles kept tightening and He’s totally blown away with the results.

Pain Gel

I am chuffed Hb1ac reading down from 119 to 51 in 3 months no tablets just healthy eating and nox, trim and greens! Doctor wants to speak about thyroid as level increased from 9 to 11.
Cholesterol normal and BP 117 /70 Lost 4kg

Diabetes 2 Reversal


My child has a ADHD and nothing the doctor has prescribed seemed to help him to concentrate and stay calm in school. That’s until I discovered the CALM gummies! The Ashwagandha herb in them helps my child to stay more focused and his school performance has improved significantly. He also sleeps much better and wakes up refreshed to a new day.

ADHD Child

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A healthier you from the inside out. "We’ve sourced the cleanest ingredients to create a line of clean vegan health products that leave you feeling and looking amazing, inside out!."


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